Overcoming Temptations

Overcome Temptations With Strong Biblical Declarations

If the devil could tempt Jesus the master at his most vulnerable moment, then he can and he will tempt you, the Christ-follower. The moment you declare your allegiance to Jesus Christ, you become the devil’s target for all manner of temptation. When Jesus hungered, the devil tempted him with food, he said to him;…

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12 Bible Declarations for the Hurting Christians

I was going through my inbox one day when I stumbled upon an old email from a friend. The email content contained a long hurting conversation with my friend. We were both offended by each others behaviour and felt hurt towards each other, yet none of us was willing to back down. My friend and…

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15 Bible Declarations to Help Heartbroken Christians Heal

Heartbroken Christians can find healing and comfort from God when they turn to God declaring these Bible declarations. I remember the day my heart was broken over past sins such as stubbornness, pride, selfishness, immaturity and hasty decision making. I was overwhelmed by God’s mercy and how he steadily broke my heart for what breaks…

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Peace of mind

8 Bible Declarations for Christians Seeking Peace of Mind

In spite of the absence of peace in the world, Christians seeking peace of mind must first pursue peace with all men (Hebrews 12:14). This is the reason why Jesus Christ demonstrated how to have peace with others in the Bible. When he anticipated that trouble might ensue with the tax man should he refuse…

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9 Daily Bible Declarations to Help New Christians Develop a Prayerful Lifestyle.

Think of prayer as an application on a mobile phone. The applications (apps) keeps the phone running. Without the apps, the phone cannot function appropriately and you won’t be able to use the phone to your content. If the apps run the phone runs. If the apps do not run the phone does not run. It’s the apps that keep the phone functioning. Likewise, prayer keeps your Christian journey running.

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