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10 Days of Speaking God’s Love Over Yourself Biblical Declarations

We all need some love. Genuine love. True love. Unconditional love. That type of love that leaves us feeling fulfilled and satisfied, that type of love that is reliable, not hurtful, not boastful and not selfish.

We need that type of love that is genuine, real, not easily provoked, not easily angered, not rude, always patient, always forgiving, always gentle and always kind. We need the type of love that is not self-seeking, that does not take pride in itself, nor does it look down on others.

This love does not seek to control or manipulate somebody else’s mind. This type of love is forgiving and freeing. It embraces the truth and rejoices in another person’s achievements. Continue reading “10 Days of Speaking God’s Love Over Yourself Biblical Declarations”


Accept God’s Love

Everything you’ve heard about God’s love is true. He is love and He loves you unconditionally! He loves you in spite of your situation or circumstances. He loves in spite of your sins and iniquities. He loves you no matter what anybody may have said to you or done to you. God loves you! Believe it or not, He loves you unconditionally in spite of your situation.  He loves you unapologetic-ally in spite of your objections and tantrums. He loves you irrespective of your nonchalant attitude towards him. He loves you! He has not forgotten about you and he will never forsake you.  

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