Scriptural Declarations of Salvation for Loved Ones

I declare John 3 verse 16 over your life; God loves you (Mention their names) so much that he gave his only begotten son to die for your sins. May you believe in Christ and accept him as your saviour. May you not perish but may you inherit the eternal life Christ has come to give to you. I declare that henceforth you refute every attraction to darkness but you begin to embrace the light of God who does not want you to perish but to be saved. I declare that you may begin to believe in the power of Christ to give you life and may you find the courage to believe and accept Christ as your Lord and saviour henceforth in Jesus name.

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Assurance of Salvation Scriptural Declarations

Salvation only comes by the grace of God through your belief in Christ. Nobody can lay a claim on being saved by their own power or by their might. Nobody is saved because of their good deeds. Nobody is saved because of their wealth or because of their background.

Everybody is a sinner and we can only be saved by the mercy and the grace of God. We are saved when we believe in our heart that Jesus is the only one who saves.

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