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We all face challenges every day and they are no mean feat. In fact, I can compare some of these challenges to my climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in 2017. It was rigorous. It was intense and there were many times I felt like I couldn’t go on. Many times my legs buckled under my feet and many times I thought I was losing my mind. This probably describes the kind of challenges some of us go through in life every day.

And Jesus did say to us that; “In life, we will have tribulations but take heart, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). The Psalmist also made us understand that “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all” (Psalms 34:19). The fact that you are a Christian does not mean a challenge-free life, it simply means that through Christ you can overcome those challenges.
So, this devotional is to help give you perspective on some of the life challenges, How I have been able to cope with some of them and how God in His infinite mercy has seen me through most of them. I hope it encourages you and you come out victorious as I have done in Jesus name. Amen

10 Days of Biblical Declarations to Overcome Depression

It is World Mental health week and I am reminded of the supernatural help God gave me to combat depression and to win in life. I have no recollection of the particular moment when I made the decision that changed my life for good but it was a few years ago when I found myself constantly crying, being moody and deeply saddened with life. I was ready to defend myself and to fight anybody who criticized, condemned or judged me for anything. There was not a day gone by that I did not cry or feel deep sadness for my life as a result of feeling sorry for myself.

Everything around me was crashing down and the closest people around me were not emotionally available to help me deal with the situation at hand. The only thing I was able to do was to reach out for my Bible and to read it. It didn’t really matter that I did not fully understand its context, I read it cover to cover and I constantly called on the name of Jesus to help me. The more I read the Bible and I admired some of the characters in there, the more I started to pray the scriptures into my life and bit by bit, God delivered me.

Depression is not a battle you can win with sheer willpower nor a battle anybody can fight by yourself. To start with, you need to make a conscious decision to overcome it and you need to make an effort, no matter how small, to deal with it. You also need to rely on God to deliver you while you fight for your sanity with God’s word on your tongue. God is available to help you overcome with supernatural help and he can surround you with people who can walk with you on this journey. Those are the things I encountered when depression had me bound and with God on my side, I was able to overcome.

Depression is not something you keep to yourself otherwise it will silently steal, kill and destroy your destiny. It comes with a thick dark cloud and it descends on its victims like a pack of ants would descend on cubes of sugar. It can kill as it slowly draws you away from the life you are meant to enjoy to deep darkness with no hope of seeing the light. When things are not going the way you thought they should and depression starts to set in, please find the help you need to get your life back into a godly order.

When life’s many battles overwhelm you, reach for the word of God and speak it over yourself. When the enemies are too many to face alone, get the word of God and speak it over them. Speak the word of God Over Yourself all the time until your mind is renewed and your life is completely transformed. Do not withdraw yourself from the right set of people and do not keep things to yourself. Find the right person or sets of people to talk to about your situation.

Do not over analyse situations and circumstances but do find a professional counselor who you can trust and rely on to talk things through with you. Find the strength in Christ for your survival.  Make a decision to align your thoughts with God’s thoughts and speak the word of God over yourself. Allow for God’s supernatural healing and deliverance to take place in your life.

Speak the word of God and Change Your World

Day 1

I declare today that as Christ is in me and I am in, my thoughts are aligned with his thoughts. I have been grafted into Christ the vine and I have become a part of his branches on earth. Therefore I think on things that are true, things that are noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable and on things that are excellent or praiseworthy.

Day 2

I declare that this dark night will not overcome me. It will soon be morning and my light will shine brighter. I will surrender my anxiety to the Lord and He will turn my mourning into dancing. I declare that I am no longer clothed in sadness but my garment has been changed and I am clothed with gladness (Psalm 30:11).

Day 3

I declare that the Lord God is with me like a mighty warrior comforting me in times of pain, calming my fears and restoring hope to me. Henceforth I will not be afraid of what mere mortal can do to me and I will not be dismayed (Deut 31:8).

Day 4

I declare that The Lord is my shield, my glory and the lifter up of mine head. He fights my battles and I do not need to lift a finger. He delivers me from the hands of my enemies who are too powerful for me and He lifts my head up like that of a unicorn. Henceforth, I will not be sorrowful and I will not be anxious (Psalm 3:3) about my future because the Lord has my future in His hands.

Day 5

I will wait on the Lord who renews my strength. Through God I will mount up on wings like eagles, I shall run and not be weary and when I walk I shall not faint (Isaiah 40:31).

Day 6

I receive abundant life through Christ my Lord who gives me life. The devil no longer have access to steal, kill or destroy any areas of my life for I have Christ who gives me abundant life (John 10:10)

Day 7

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phillippians 4:13)

Day 8

I possess the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding in my heart. I will remain calm in chaotic situations. I will trust in Christ and declare His peace over my life. For this reason that He came to the world(John 16:33).

Day 9

The Lord is my strength and my help. The Lord is with me and he upholds me with his righteous arm. I will not be shaken. I will not be afraid. I will not be moved (Isaiah 41:10)

Day 10

Today I cast my burdens upon Christ and he gives me rest (Mtw 11:28)

6 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You When Struggling with Pride

We all have pride. It is embedded in our veins right from our mother’s womb. It’s an inheritance passed down from generations to generations. It’s in our DNA. It’s that thing that makes us feel important. It’s that thing that makes us feel that we deserve better in life. It’s that thing that makes us strive for the best in life. We see it in other people and we emulate it. The dictionary describes it as self-esteem or self-importance. If you like you can call it self-respect or self-worth. It’s all the same meaning.

However, some of us have this self-worth in overdose. We fan it into flame beyond what God ever intended and it turns into pride. We turn up that self-respect a notch and we pump up ourselves above everybody else, way beyond it should be. We view ourselves as bigger, better, smarter or richer than others. We cherish ourselves much more than we cherish the people in our lives. We are self-focused and we are self-conceited. We make ourselves the God of our lives and we hardly ever listen to anybody else. Pride is not a good attribute to have. It’s not a good thing to acquire or to cherish. It actually leads to one’s downfall. Continue reading “6 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You When Struggling with Pride”

Overcome Stress with God’s Word

Stress has a way of controlling people’s lives wherever it is welcomed. Unless you deal with it with the word of God it would have tampered with your well-being before you know it. It gets to you when you least expect it and it takes over your life in whatever you give it the chance. It creeps up on you at the least expected moments; be it whilst stepping out of your homes onto the motorway where all manner of driving skills are tested or stepping into the office with diverse kinds of personality clashes. Stress is always lurking around seeking whom to devour and if you allow it into your mind it will drag you out but you must overcome it with the word of God. Continue reading “Overcome Stress with God’s Word”


Resist Stress and It Will Flee From you

Did you know you have an in-built stress resistance? Yes, you do. God built it into you. Otherwise, you would not have bounced back from every stress attack you encounter on a daily basis. If you did not have an inbuilt stress resistance, you probably would not be standing to see the day.  Stress is a joy killer and a peace-thief that should not be given the time of day. You need to not allow it into your homes, your streets or your workplace. You can resist it and it will flee from you.  Continue reading “Resist Stress and It Will Flee From you”

Protect Yourself From Stress with Biblical Declarations

For the first time in my adult life I experienced a chronic stress. It hit me without warning because I didn’t protect myself from it. I wasn’t aware of it and so I wasn’t prepared for it. Had I been exposed to it one way or the other, perhaps I would have been prepared and I would have protected myself from it. I am only sharing this so as not to scare you but expose the devil’s way of stealing, killing and destroying lives, and so that you can learn from my experience and you can protect yourself from it. Prevention they say is better than cure. What better way is there to prevent a thing than to protect yourself from it? You need to protect yourself from stress with the word of God. Unlike its many counterparts, stress is
It does not have regards for the young nor for the old. It happens to everybody. It is ruthless and deadly. Once it settles on its victim, it doesn’t let go until it has drained life out of that individual. You really don’t want to cross its paths. This is why it’s important to protect yourself from it before it descends on your doorsteps, in your doorway or dormitories, at home or at work

It will guard and protect your mind against stress attack.
“Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23)

you will fall into it before you say, Jack Robinson. Stress is one of the things we all encounter on a day to day basis. If it were human we would recognise it from afar, prepare our minds for its arrival, fight against it or avoid it altogether. If it were a man, we would pull ourselves together, brace its consequences and prepare our minds for whatever attack he might bring our way and if it were a woman, we would devise a way to deal with her eccentricity or complexity. However, stress is not easily seen nor recognisable until it has struck and neither does it come in different appearances of women. Instead, it takes the form of a spirit, travels through the air, sometimes possesses a human body and appears through situations and circumstances.  Continue reading “Protect Yourself From Stress with Biblical Declarations”

5 Biblical Declarations to Help You Overcome Temptations.

Temptations will always come when you least expect it and it comes in variety of ways. Jesus was tempted with food when he was hungry. David was tempted with sexual lust during his leisure time. Eve was tempted with getting wisdom whilst working in the garden of Eden. Joseph was tempted while in prison  and Judas Iscariot was tempted with money in ministry. The devil will always find a way to tempt you. You cannot escape it. If he tempted Jesus Christ the Messiah, he will most likely tempt you his follower. The devil’s day and night job is to steal, to kill and to destroy, and his most targeted audience are Christians with purpose, destined children of God and anointed children of God. Continue reading “5 Biblical Declarations to Help You Overcome Temptations.”

Overcome Sin with Biblical Declarations

Sin is awful and as a new Christian, you might find yourself falling back to old ways of doing things and reasoning. One of the ways to overcome sin is to speak the word of God over that situation until it transforms you and you are completely set free. The Bible says if anyone is in Christ, old things have passed away, all things have become new (2 Corinthians 5:17). This means that you can let go of the past and you can assume your new position in Christ. Everything has been made new. The Bible also says that anybody who believes in Christ overcomes the world (1 John 5:4), you are an overcomer through Christ. Continue reading “Overcome Sin with Biblical Declarations”

Overcome Feelings of Regret, Guilt and Shame

I couldn’t be friends with most people my age as a young adult because I was ladened with so much shame, guilt and sorrow. This darkness engulfed my childhood and my adolescent life and  I couldn’t live a normal life like many young adults. I couldn’t go to parties for fear of getting caught up in the wrong crowd and ending up with an unwanted pregnancy. I couldn’t have a close friend or a best friend for the fear of being betrayed. My regrets mounted up as I climbed up in years and in stature. Many people thought I was a loner but I was drowning in regrets. Most people my age group were moving forward in life but my shame was holding me back. Continue reading “Overcome Feelings of Regret, Guilt and Shame”