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Each week we focus on a topic to help us with our daily Christian journey. Feel free to Explore and speak each word over yourself for the renewal of your mind and the transformation of your life.

Speak Forth Your Desires With God’s Word

Desires! We all have them. You know, those things we strongly wish for. Those things we set our hearts on, yearn for and long for, those things we want to come forth and come to past in our lives. Either starting a new business, learning new things, getting married, changing the world, living holy above sin, overcoming temptations, getting through one life challenge or the other, or winning life’s battles. You will always have heart desires and whatever your desires are, you have got to learn to speak them forth with the word of God.

The word of God is the word of truth. It renews mind and transforms lives. It teaches, informs and instructs you on what to do. When you speak God’s word over your desires, you in effect align your thoughts, your will and your desires with God’s plans for your life. You in effect surrender yourself under the leadership of the Almighty God. When you speak His word out loud and you confess positive over your desires repeatedly, the word finds its place in your heart, it work its way into your mind until it is deeply rooted, it transforms you gradually and it comes alive for you.

For as long as your desires are good and not for evil, they are from the God of love who gives good and perfect gifts (James 1:17) to his children and this God has not given his children the spirit of timidity that hides godly desires. Instead God has given you power, might, the spirit of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). In order to live the abundant life Christ promised his brothers and sisters (John 10:10), you need to dig deep into God’s word, accept the truth it offers and allow it to do its work in you and over you. When you do these things, your desires will be perfectly aligned with God’s will for your life and you must fan into flames the gifts, the skills you need for your desires to come alive and glorify God.

It is not good enough that you have desires that are stored away in your heart. Hiding your desires in your heart without doing anything about it is wishful thinking. God is ready to work and walk with you in fulfilling your heart desires and the best thing to do for yourself is to partner with God in bringing forth these desires.

So are you ready to bring alive your desires? Then start to speak the word of God over your desires and see them manifest in your life.

Speak Forth the Word and Change Your World

I align my thoughts with God’s thoughts this morning and I speak forth my desires today. Good and godly desires, come forth now in Jesus name!

My desires are good and God given. Henceforth, my desires live! My desires are alive! (James 1:17)

Today I declare I will live to see my desires become realities (Psalm 27:13).

I declare everything works together for my good to bring my desires to past (Romans 8:28)

The Lord satisfies my desires with good things and my youth is renewed like the eagles (Psalm 103:5)

I walk with God in all things and he grants me my heart desires and they come past (Psalm 37:4)

The Lord fulfills my desires for I live in reverence of my God (Psalm 145:19)


Be Completely Humble

Humility is not one of the Christian character traits we often see in people these days. Everybody is self-centered and self-focused. In fact, we are often encouraged to take pride in ourselves, to put ourselves forward for that promotion and to take pride in our achievements. Yet the message of Christ is that we completely humble ourselves, think of others first and be the servant of all if we want to be the greatest amongst all. Continue reading “Be Completely Humble”

Leave Your Comforts and Be Humble

Every now and again I leave the comfort of my home to babysit or house sit for somebody who is in desperate need of help. Whilst it gives me great pleasure to help others, it can be such an inconvenience when I don’t meet the same comfort I left behind.

I remember putting a complaint forward to the Lord about this one day and his answer was; “the same way you have left your comforts and made yourself inconvinient for others is the same way I have caused others to adjust their lives and inconvinient themselves for you whenever you’re in need of help”. Continue reading “Leave Your Comforts and Be Humble”

Humble Yourself First

Christ said it that “whoever wants to be greatest must be a servant” – Matthew 20:26. This simply means to humble yourself first and foremost if you want to be great among others. And if you want a change for good in your life, ask the Lord to start from your heart. Mother Theresa is honoured and well loved today because she humbled herself. She did not count herself to be above the lepers whom she cared for, instead, she moved her home to be among them and she served them.

It was the heart of Saul that the Lord first changed before he became King Saul. The Lord first dealt with pride in King Nebuchadnezzar’s heart before he was restored to his throne after having been humbled by God to live like an animal. Saul’s heart was touched on his way to Damascus before he became Paul, an ardent follower of Christ and the preacher of the gospel of good news. It was also Zacchaeus’s heart that the Lord first changed before he repented of his sins, decided to give back everything he fraudulently collected from people and he followed Jesus. Continue reading “Humble Yourself First”

Pray for a Heart of Humility

In my quest to be Christ-like these days, I have found myself saying prayers for a heart of humility. Whilst I believe this is a start to my personal revival, I also believe this is a prayer everybody must engage with. Because everything really begins from the heart. Continue reading “Pray for a Heart of Humility”

Prepare Your Heart: Be Humble

We all know the end time is near and this is the time to seek for personal and national revival. If the Lord was to come today, will your heart be ready? Will he find your heart as humble as that of a child? If he were to search through your attitude and behaviour today, will any of your actions and intentions be anything as close as to being Christ-like? Would the Lord need to perform a surgery on you? Would he have to remove stubbornness and pride from you in exchange for a heart of humility? Continue reading “Prepare Your Heart: Be Humble”

The Message of Christ: Be Humble

Humility is not one of the Christian character traits we often see or find in people these days. Everybody is self-centered and self-focused. In fact, the media often encourages us to take pride in ourselves, to put our best foot forward with no consideration for others, to fight for that promotion above others and to take pride in our achievements. But this is not the message of Christ. Continue reading “The Message of Christ: Be Humble”