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When you make a biblical declaration, you are proclaiming the absolute truth of God’s word over your life. It brings your thoughts in line with God’s thoughts. It builds up your faith in God. It helps you to pray effectively. It renews your mind and transforms your life. It gives you an understanding of God’s promises in the Bible and helps you to retain the word of God in your heart. God brings declarations to pass because He watches over His word to bring them to pass.

Make Peace With God

Sometimes we hold God responsible for bad things that happen to us. We accuse him of neglecting us during difficulties. We lose our peace with God whilst demanding to know why he did not prevent that incident from happening. We blame him and we hold out on him. We turn our back on the Prince of Peace and we hold grudges with the same God who is able to turn that situation around. How then can we be healed, delivered and forgiven if we keep the doors of our hearts shut against the Prince of peace? How can he right the wrongs if we keep up the walls of our heart and sealed against his love. How can we experience his love if we keep hating, keep running, keep despising the author of peace? Continue reading “Make Peace With God”


Overcome Sin

Sin is awful and as a new Christian, you might find yourself falling back to old ways of doing things and reasoning. One of the ways to overcome sin is to speak the word of God over that situation until it transforms you and you are completely set free. The Bible says if anyone is in Christ, old things have passed away, all things have become new (2 Corinthians 5:17). This means that you can let go of the past and you can assume your new position in Christ. Everything has been made new. The Bible also says that anybody who believes in Christ overcomes the world (1 John 5:4), you are an overcomer through Christ. Continue reading “Overcome Sin”

I Declare I am Like a Sweet Fragrance of Christ to God in this World

Make a declaration of #faith today. Say it out loud and #believe it. I declare my aroma is like the sweet smelling aroma of Christ’s offering to #God. My #life shall bring light to this dark world and I shall bring life to the saved. This is my #declaration.

You have an aroma as a child of God. It is like the sweet smelling aroma of Christ to God. Your life is a fragrance of Christ before God spreading the good news of Jesus😃. That’s what the Bible says, not my word but God’s word to his children.

Something happens to your senses when you smell a lovely fragrance, your entire being accepts the aroma, your face lit up, and sometimes you wish you can bottle that lovely aroma up and carry it with you everywhere you go. This is exactly what your life is before God.

God says your life is a sweet smelling fragrance of Christ to him. The question is, do you know this, do you believe it and do you accept this? And is your #life the fragrance of Christ anywhere you go? Your life should be a sweet smelling fragrance, an aroma to the world around you. Your life should light the path for those in darkness and it should bring life to those who are saved.

You have a #fragrance, an aroma as a child of God. Wherever you are, let your aroma bring #life to the saved. Do not be worried or afraid that the aroma of Christ in you might bring death to those who are perishing. Be the salt of the earth as Christ commanded you to be.

I declare my aroma is like the sweet smelling aroma of Christ to God. I am a sweet smelling fragrance of Christ to God bringing life to the saved. This is my declaration.

“For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing”. 2 Cor 2:15

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