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Overcome Temptations

If the devil tempted Jesus Christ at his most vulnerable moments, he will most likely tempt you Christ’s follower. The devil does not leave any stone unturned and he has convinced himself to chase down Christians by any means possible in order to steal, kill and destroy the work of Christ on Calvary. Temptations come when you least expect it. An innocent act here, a little white lie there and by the time you know it, you are neck deep in it. Even when you keep yourself pure, the devil will find a way around to tempt you and that’s why Paul warned the Christians in Corinth saying; “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall” (1 Corinthians 10:12) Continue reading “Overcome Temptations”


24 Bible Declarations to Help New Christians Stay in Faith

Staying in faith can be quite a struggle for new Christians if care is not taken. Begum Bilquis Sheikh was a new convert from Islam to Christianity and in her book, I dared to call him father, she narrated her story of family exclusions, community condemnations, death threats and several attempts to dissuade her from her newfound faith in Christ. Her journey to becoming a fully fledged Christian was not at all that smooth. Yet she persisted in her faith and she followed Christ with all her heart, her mind and with all her might. Had she not been convinced of her call to Christ, she would have crumble under pressure and she would have lost her faith entirely. Continue reading “24 Bible Declarations to Help New Christians Stay in Faith”