Growing in faith

24 Bible Declarations to Help New Christians Stay in Faith

Staying in faith can become a struggle for new Christians if care is not taken. I once read about a muslim who had an encounter with Christ and she eventually surrendered to Christ. Throughout her lifetime, Begum Bilquis Sheikh followed Christ with all her mind. However, the journey to leaving Islam and becoming a fully fledged Christian was not at all that smooth.

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Christian virtue

10 Bible Declarations Christians Need to Develop A Selfless Character During #Lent

One of the Christian characters to develop during Lent is selflessness. Jesus Christ said it’s the second most important of God’s commandments (Mark 12:31; Galatians 5:14). Your character is the first thing people notice about you; It reveals your identity in Christ and attracts others to you. How you handle certain situations, how charitable and…

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