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Uplifting Declarations for the Persecuted Christians

10 Biblical Declarations to Encourage and Strengthen the Persecuted Christians

Declaration of faith: I am fighting the good fight of faith with Christ and I will win this battle with him on my side (1 Timothy 6:12).

I remember getting teary-eyed upon hearing the fate of my brothers and sisters in the persecuted countries. It was not a good sight to see and neither was it good news to hear. When I heard of the dilemma they go through from the spokesperson for Open doors UK, my heart was broken. How can there be over 300 million persecuted Christians in the world today? Yet not many people know about this situation. There are Christians who are facing high or extreme levels of persecution for their faith in countries like Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso and, in my birth country, Nigeria, and this keeps increasing every year.