Admit wrongdoings

7 Bible Declarations To Help Christians Struggling To Admit Personal Wrongdoings

Should you struggle with admitting wrongdoings, do not be ashamed of it, do not cover it up, instead seek God’s help in humility and ask him to help you to be considerate of others in deeds and in words.

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10 Ash Wednesday Bible Declarations of Repentance For Christians Observing Lent

Repentance is not for sinners only, it is for new Christians, matured Christians and everybody who is capable and willing to admit personal wrong doings (James 5:15, Ephesians 5:11), accept own responsibilities (Romans 14:10) and make peace with God and man. Though we live in a world where people hardly admit wrongdoings, this is not…

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I Declare My Salvation Through Christ, I Am Saved by Grace!

Salvation only comes by the grace of God through your belief in Christ. Nobody can lay a claim on being saved by their own power or by their might. Nobody is saved because of their good deeds. Nobody is saved because of their wealth or because of their background.

Everybody is a sinner and we can only be saved by the mercy and the grace of God. We are saved when we believe in our heart that Jesus is the only one who saves.

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How to Return to God After Sinning

Since the time Adam sinned, sons of man have inherited death through sinning. “All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God“Romans 3:23. Through this, everybody born of man can no longer inherit eternal life except we ask for the forgiveness of our sins, repent from sinning and follow God through his…

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Who Is God?

God is the omnipotent, the Almighty father (Revelation 11:17). He has the power to do all things. He created all things (Isaiah 44:24), the heavens and the earth through the power of his words(Genesis 1, Psalm 33:6). His power was revealed in his son Jesus Christ – the second person of the Trinity, who performed…

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