Overcoming Deception

I declare that I am not afraid to speak the truth at any time but the Lord God empowers me to speak the truth to nations in boldness and as I speak the truth in love to others so is truth multiplied to me in manifold. Deception is exposed and the truth prevails in my life at all times. I will not deal with others in lying tongues or in deceit but henceforth I live and rejoice in the truth and it sets me free. No matter how bitter the truth is I embrace it into my bossom, it edifies me and keeps me aligned to God’s will for my life. Whenever I speak the truth, it builds me up and honors me. It does not destroy me, not does it ruin my reputation, my image or my name. It does not put me down but instead it makes me a better person and elevates me to a position of honor. Henceforth, I walk in the understanding of heart with the truth on my tongue and peace dwells in my gate.

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Bible Declarations You Need to Help You Walk in God’s Ways

God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). It will be foolhardy of us to think that we are perfect and we know all the ways to do things. We are not all knowing like God, He is the only omnipotent and omniscient ever in existence. When we follow our ways, we get lost in the world but when we follow God’s ways, we are saved, delivered, redeemed and shielded from impending evil.

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