Throughout this site, you will find free downloadable Christian resources that enable, strengthens and grows the Christian faith. My aim is to help you engage with the scripture in bite sizes, encourage you to build up your faith in God and to equip you with scriptures in line with God’s promises to overcome everyday life challenges. I believe that when you speak the word of God over yourself you can truly change your world for the best.

Whether you download them to your phone and you regularly speak them out loud over yourself, or you print them and have them in your wallet as a gentle reminder of God’s promises to you, or whether you gift them in frames to beautify your homes; my hope is that these resources will accompany you in life to bring you hope, joy, love, peace, victory, freedom and faith as you navigate through your Christian journey.

There are encouraging and edifying Christian articles to read too. Please feel free to download faith affirmations, Christian confessions, biblical declarations and all manner of prayers tailored to help Christians overcome every day life challenges.

What’s more? There’s an encouraging yet growing Christian community to connect with on Facebook. We’ll walk with you on your Christian journey and all you have to do to join the community is to, simply follow the link in by clicking on the image below and you’ll be on your way to joining a growing community of believers who study the Bible together, debunk the lies of the enemies, declare truths over ourselves, and we pray together.

Pray with us, Join the Private Facebook Group

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Most importantly, why not GET INVOLVED in this work? There are different ways to be a part of this community, and I’d be glad to have you on board. Please take a moment to support this work and DONATE using the button below. Your involvement and your generosity will go a long way to make this mission become a reality. Loving you with the love of Christ and hope to connect with you soon.

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