Rules of Biblical Declaration

Nothing in this world is exempted from rules, not even human beings. If we can function effectively in a chaotic world by following the created regulations efficiently, then we can make declarations that yield result by adhering to its guiding rules. If the universe is guided by laws that make it work effectively, then there are most definitely some rules for the biblical declaration to obey for desired results.

Biblical declarations carry the word of life. They renew the mind, and they release the power of God that transform lives. However, they have some rules that we can benefit from when we adhere to them. Otherwise, we will only speak mere words that will yield no results in the atmosphere. These sets of rules govern the application of God’s word to every life situation. 

Rules of biblical declarations

Here are 3 crucial rules of Biblical Declarations

  1. For biblical declarations to work in your situation, you must first believe in God. It is easy to compose statements of faith tailored to your need, but there is no human being who possesses the power to bring those declarations to pass. Only God can perform such a miracle in your life. Therefore, if in need of the powerful God to make things happen for you, then you must first and foremost believe in him. We must believe that he exists and he rewards those who diligently seek Him (Hebrew 11:6). We must believe that he has the power to fulfil every promise (Joshua 21:45). He, it is who grant all desires (Psalm 37:4), gives victory in everyday life challenges and turns around all situations. DAILY BIBLE DECLARATIONS for the Persecuted Christians (1)

2. Secondly, we must believe that the Bible is the accurate word of God, and everything written in it is yes and Amen in heaven. Believe that the Bible is the absolute truth, and it rules over everything on earth or in heaven because every knee must bow to the word of God (Philippians 2:10). Therefore when making a Bible declaration, you must agree with what the word of God says in the Holy Bible. Because when you do this, you will be declaring the truth that is relevant to your situation.

DAILY BIBLE DECLARATIONS for the Persecuted Christians (2)

3. Thirdly, align your with God’s word in the Bible. In order to debunk the lies of the enemies in your life, you’ll need to align yourself with the truth in God’s word. And, since God’s word is the ultimate truth, it has the power to set free and to bring your desires to pass in line with God’s plan for you.  So when you speak, you emphasize the truth in that the unseen world will align with the seen world, and it will bow down to the word of God. You can create and generate a prophetic declaration significant to your situation when you FOLLOW the above steps.

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