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Affirm Your Adoption Into God’s Family

Did you know you were adopted into God’s family through Christ Jesus? It is National Adoption week and it gives me great pleasure to announce to you that you are one special individual chosen by God to be a part of a bigger family. Contrary to your belief or what you might have experienced in life, you are not alone. You have a complete family of God who loves and cares for you. You have brothers and sisters in Christ who you can reach out to and do life with. Continue reading “Affirm Your Adoption Into God’s Family”

Adoption into God’s Kingdom

The moment Meghan Markle, a citizen of the United States of America married the British Prince Harry of the United Kingdom on May 19th 2018, she became a bonafide member of the British royal family. As a virtue of her marriage to the prince, her adoption into the British Kingdom began. She seized being a commoner but she became royalty. She could no longer live life alone but she began a new life entirely. She adopted a new name of her royal family and she gained a new title, the Duchess of Sussex. She is also bound by a new set of rules to help guide her and settle her into her new identity in the British empire. Continue reading “Adoption into God’s Kingdom”