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7 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Give Up the Criticism Spirit

Criticism! You are probably wondering, What has it got to do with me?

As Christians, it has everything to do with our character. We do it more often sometimes than unbelievers but we are not called to criticise one another, we are called to correct in love. It may be easy to get caught up in the act of criticism but Jesus said: “Judge not, that you be not judged” (Matthew 7:1). When we criticise others for what they have done wrong, we get criticised in turn. This should not be our world. Christians are not called to criticise fellow Christians neither are we called to judge the world. We are called to correct in love.

When you criticise others harshly, it may send them to tears, it may make them feel sad and they may feel little about themselves. This does not promote the image of Christ and it does not show the love of God. But when we correct in love, then we would be doing our heavenly father’s will. We would have spread His love to the human’s heart and we would have helped the other person to draw a little bit closer to God. Continue reading “7 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Give Up the Criticism Spirit”


5 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Be Completely Humble

Humility is not one of the Christian character traits we often see in people these days. Everybody is self-centred and self-focused. In fact, we are often encouraged to take pride in ourselves, to put ourselves forward for that promotion and to take pride in our achievements. Yet the message of Christ is that we completely humble ourselves, think of others first and be the servant of all if we want to be the greatest amongst all. Continue reading “5 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Be Completely Humble”

16 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Build the “Goodness” Character

Jesus Christ went about doing good. Can you say the same of yourself?

When was the last time you went about with the mindset of just doing good to others? Do you wake up in the morning and your number one motivation is to go about doing good? Most Christians do not do this. We do not have the mindset of Christ who had the character to go about doing good on earth. He was very zealous and passionate about His father’s business. His father’s business is to do good to all men. His father causes the sun to rise up on both the good and the evil. He causes the rain to fall for all men. He heals the sick and opens the blind eye. Jesus’s father is a good good father who Jesus mirrored while on earth. Do you do the same?

Many of us are so distracted by the activities of this world such that, what really matters to Christ does not necessarily matter to us. We seek to gratify self. We seek to live life for ourselves and not for God yet what God really wants is that we live a selfless life, for in this is our calling and our fulfilment in life. Doing good for others surely has its reward although its reward must not be your motivation but to fulfil the will of him that sent you in being the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). Continue reading “16 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Build the “Goodness” Character”

10 Days of Biblical Declarations to Develop A Selfless Character

Your character is the first thing people notice about you; It reveals your identity in Christ and it attracts others to you. One of the Christian characters to develop is selflessness. Jesus Christ said it’s the second most important of God’s commandments (Mark 12:31; Galatians 5:14). How you handle certain situations, how charitable and generous you are to others, how you speak to others and the way you treat them is most important to God than anything else in the world.

When God gave his only begotten son to the humankind and with cruelty, his son was brutally murdered, God did not stop loving mankind. When Jesus Christ was taunted and insulted by his kinsmen, he simply retreated and said, ‘a prophet is not honoured in his hometown (Luke 4:24)’. Could you have a right to something yet give it up for somebody else without getting involved in an argument? God expects us to act accordingly, to be selfless in words and indeed. Continue reading “10 Days of Biblical Declarations to Develop A Selfless Character”