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10 Scriptural Declarations to Speak Over Yourself

Scriptural Declaration of Faith to Speak over Yourself Daily

Declaration of Faith: I believe God’s word is God’s power and as I speak his words over myself, they give me life, align me with His will for me and they come into existence. Today, I declare God’s word with the confidence that they guide my heart into the peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7) and they bring to pass my desires in alignment with God’s plan for me. I will not worry nor be anxious about my future. Instead, I will live in peace in my own home and at peace with my neighbours. I declare that I am living at peace when I go out and I am at peace when I come in because Christ the Prince of peace is with me always. I am grateful to God for the peace of God in my life and I will extend it to others as God gives me grace.

Jesus Christ said that man could not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of God’s mouth (Matthew 4:4). That means you cannot sustain life on food and drinks alone, but by God’s Word – His command, His permissions. That was how Jesus overcame temptations from Satan. He spoke the Word, Satan fled from him, and angels attended him.

If the God of the universe spoke the Words to create the heavens and the earth into existence (Genesis 1) and you have been created in the image of the Almighty (Genesis 1:26), this means that you too, can tap into the Word of God to create the change you want to see in the world for good. You carry the image of the Almighty and He has gifted you His words to speak. This means that you have a representation of God in you and it allows you to have access to the power to create and be like God on earth.

You can be like Jesus Christ and follow in his footsteps. He soaked himself in the word so much so that he became the Word and whenever he faced life challenges in ministry, he always spoke the truth against devil’s lies. He had victory all the time. You too can meditate on the word so much so that it becomes a part of you. When life gives you lemon, you dont have to make lemonade, speak the Word into your world and experience God’s mighty move in your life for the best. The Word has been in existence from the creation of the universe (John 1:1) and God has given us access to use it for our good, therefore use it wisely. Speak with God’s power in mind when praying or declaring truth and you will see the transformation that you want manifest.