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21 Fight this Fear Biblical declaration

Memorable Scripture: God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power to overcome obstacles, love to conquer hatred and sound mind to make the right decisions (2 Timothy 1:7).

There are different types of people living with fear in this world. Some are always afraid of death because you don’t want to die young or just yet. You want to enjoy this life and spend eternity on earth if you have your way. To you, life should be forever on earth. Unfortunately, only Christ has the power to eternal life. So all must die to give an account of how you spend your life when God calls you home. Therefore, stop living your life afraid of the fear of death and start to live for Christ so you can give an account that is devoid of fear.

Then, some fall into fear of people now and then because you have exerted your power on human beings. You allow them to make or break you with their power, even though you have the same ability. They control your life in ways that make you fearful of the unknown, afraid for the future and afraid of the danger that looms around. Sometimes, you are scared of past mistakes and their consequences because they will remind you of them. They hold you captive with fear always looming and lurking around in your life. Therefore, you need to fight this fear to live a victorious life in the freedom that Christ bought for you.

Also, something always makes some people afraid. When you are not fearful of the danger in the day, then you’re so scared of the harm in the night. You are living your life in terror all year round. If you continue to live your life with fear and don’t face it head-on with a fight through God’s word, it will control your life forever and stand in the way of the fulfilment of God’s promises in your life.