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Pursue Peace With All Men

We sometimes find ourselves under undue pressure and this makes us behave so out of character. We fall out of peace with our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends and our families. Sometimes, we even fall out of peace with strangers and this may embarrass us or cause our spirit to be grieved.

Countless times I have fallen out of peace with people who are close to me and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to quickly realise the errors of my ways and corrected my mistakes. I have apologised for my mistakes with the people I fell out of peace with and consequently asked God for the forgiveness of my sins. This is what we are called into as Christians – a life of peace with all men. “Pursue peace with all men (Hebrews 12:14)”.

When you are wrong, do not put up a wall and sweep the act under the carpet but repent of your sins before God and reconcile your differences with your neighbours, your friends, your family, your acquaintance or even with that stranger. Also when you are in the right, do not act all saintly and almighty, nobody is perfect. Instead of being rigid and staying on your right, remember the blood of Jesus that was shed for all humanity and the forgiveness of your personal sins, forgive that person, reach out to them and reconcile. This is what we are called into – a life of reconciliation with God.

Despite your stance on that situation, approach it with peace in mind. Do not think about your interest rather think about the best way to advance the kingdom of God. No matter how difficult the situation is, be the light, be the salt, be the solution and bring peace with you. This, in essence, means let go of your ego, make necessary sacrifices at every opportunity, swallow your pride and ride on God’s wings of justice, let God fight your battles for you. Continue reading “Pursue Peace With All Men”