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16 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Build the “Goodness” Character

Jesus Christ went about doing good. Can you say the same of yourself?

When was the last time you went about with the mindset of just doing good to others? Do you wake up in the morning and your number one motivation is to go about doing good? Most Christians do not do this. We do not have the mindset of Christ who had the character to go about doing good on earth. He was very zealous and passionate about His father’s business. His father’s business is to do good to all men. His father causes the sun to rise up on both the good and the evil. He causes the rain to fall for all men. He heals the sick and opens the blind eye. Jesus’s father is a good good father who Jesus mirrored while on earth. Do you do the same?

Many of us are so distracted by the activities of this world such that, what really matters to Christ does not necessarily matter to us. We seek to gratify self. We seek to live life for ourselves and not for God yet what God really wants is that we live a selfless life, for in this is our calling and our fulfilment in life. Doing good for others surely has its reward although its reward must not be your motivation but to fulfil the will of him that sent you in being the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). Continue reading “16 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Build the “Goodness” Character”