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Healing for the Hurting Christians

I was going through my inbox one day when I stumbled upon an old email from a friend. The email content contained a long hurting conversation with my friend. We were both offended by each others behaviour and felt hurt towards each other, yet none of us was willing to back down. My friend and I have since reconciled our differences but for many years before our reconciliation, my hurt was buried deep within my heart and I carried on with life as if it things were good. Time they say heals pain, it was not until the cause of my pain resurfaced in an old email did I realise that I was still hurting. Thankfully the Holy Spirit intervened and I received my complete healing. Continue reading “Healing for the Hurting Christians”

Repent and Pray for Forgiveness When You Hurt Someone

Christians sometimes struggle with forgiveness and repentance. When we get hurt, we want immediate justice and vengeance. And when we hurt other people’s feelings, we find it hard to swallow our pride, reflect upon our actions, accept our faults, repent from our sins and make amends where necessary. Instead of fighting for peace, we pursue deceit and end up being defeated. Instead of letting go and letting God fight the battle, we allow the flesh to rule and lead us into taking matters into our own hands and taking vengeance whenever we can. Continue reading “Repent and Pray for Forgiveness When You Hurt Someone”