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I am Who God Says I am Biblical Declarations

Declaration of faith: I am who God says I am. I am a child of a great King and I am privileged to be one with God. God approves me for greatness and I have no choice than to become great. Henceforth I will no longer live a life of mediocrity but I will work hard, be diligent and I will stay focused my God given assignment on earth until my reward from the Lord..

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling good or not so good? I get it if you are feeling either way. I understand your feelings because I have been there before. a really good experience or because we simply made a decision to feel good about ourselves. Other times though, not so good. We feel the world hates us, is too bitter around us, is about to collapse on us so much so that we want the ground to open up and swallow us up like I sometimes feel. 

We feel this way sometimes because we are feeling condemned, rejected or judged but our feelings can be misleading. Let’s took at the life of Saul turned Paul for example. Saul felt so strongly against Christ so much so that he persecuted the disciples of Jesus. It wasn’t until he had an encounter with Jesus that his feelings of hatred turned into the feelings of love for God and for the world around him.

The good news though is that no matter how we are feeling, whether good or bad, and no matter what we are going through, God’s thoughts about his children never change. They are the same things he said to those in the past, to us who are present and to those who are coming after us. These words are our real identity in God and they’ll never change.

When we receive them into our lives we are saying to God that we believe in his word and we are in agreement with his plans for our lives. Speaking out loud these declarations over ourselves will not only remind us of God’s ever present never ending love to us daily but it will also help us to be grounded in our true identity in God. They will bring our minds back to who truly matters in life and also build up our faith in God as we so need.

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