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Recover From Identity Crisis

There are moments in life when the struggle gets real and a Christian finds himself or herself in an identity crisis. Those are moments when you are discontented with life. This is the time when you wish you had somebody else’s privileges, gifting or abilities otherwise things would have been different for you. These are moments when you may begin to compare your failures with somebody else’s achievements. Those are times when you may look in the mirror but you wish you were as beautiful as that other person or you wish you had the same lifestyle as that of the other human being. Those are times when life may seem unfair otherwise you would have the same beauty as that of Queen Esther, or you would have the courage as that of Joshua the son of Nun, the bravery of Naomi who lost everything abroad yet returned home to face her fate in the God of Israel, the faith of Daniel who stood in faith even in the face or adversity or the lifestyle of King Solomon who was the wealthiest man on earth. Continue reading “Recover From Identity Crisis”