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3 Ways to Cope When In The Prison of Life.

There was a time when I felt imprisoned by life. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t travel. I couldn’t go on holiday and I couldn’t go out with friends. I didn’t have a means of livelihood, therefore, couldn’t afford accommodation. I squatted with friends and family, and this had its challenges. When my mates were all merry, life stood still for me and all I could see was a tunnel without a glimpse of light at the end of it. That was a season when walls closed in on me and I kept drowning in the sea of life.

Although all I could see was darkness, there was light somewhere there and God showed me the light after all. At the end of it all, I followed the light and darkness disappeared into thin air. You may be going through this kind of season in life. I’d like to encourage to not panic. Do not give up. Have a mindset that all things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26). There is no condition or any situation that is permanent when we hand it over to God. Continue reading “3 Ways to Cope When In The Prison of Life.”

3 Things In Life God Uses to Test You.

Nobody is above tests in life. We all must go through it.

In fact, you would have written different tests in school throughout your childhood and all the way through to the university level in your adolescent.  There is always one test or the other to write in order to progress from one class to another and the end result usually amounts to some level of academics achievement.

Your Life is not dissimilar to your educational experience. It is in different stages and it comes with different tests. In order to progress from one stage to another, there are different tests to write and those you must pass them. This is just the way God created the human being life cycle.

These tests are usually in the form of trials and tribulations. They often come unexpectedly and if you are unaware of them and unprepared for them, they will catch you off guard and you may fail them. When you fail these tests in your life, you will remain in one life cycle not moving forward, not achieving anything, not finding fulfilment nor purpose until you pass your tests.

You need to pass your life tests in order to progress to your next level in life. Continue reading “3 Things In Life God Uses to Test You.”