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Overcome Depression with God

I have had a few episodes of depression in my life and each time I go through those episodes I come out stronger mentally and spiritually with God on my side. One thing is certain when you fight depression with God, you come out from under that dark and heavy cloud of depression and you will find the peace from God that surpasses all understanding. You will have a new drive for life, a new drive for your faith and even a drive to help others. It is World mental health day and I am using this platform to encourage anybody out there who is suffering from depression.

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Overcome Feelings of Regret, Guilt and Shame

Judas Iscariot suffered a painful regret after his betrayal to Jesus. He was one of the disciples of Jesus who dined and wined with him (Matthew 26:23-25). He was the treasurer of the group (John 12:6). He knew more about Jesus than the outsiders. He knew what Jesus looked like and he was willing to point him out to the chief priests (Mathew 26:14-15, 47-49). But he made a grievous mistake. He sold out and handed an innocent man over to the injustice of men. When he realized the error of his way, it was too late to rectify it. The Bible says that’ Judas Iscariot was gripped with so much remorse that he returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders, saying; ‘I have sinned by betraying innocent blood’ (Mathew 27:3-5). After the deed was done, he went on and hung himself.

Everybody knew Peter loved Jesus. He would do anything for Jesus. He was the one who blurted out to Jesus, You are the Christ, the son of the living God (Matthew 16:16). He was the same disciple who said to Jesus, Lord if it is really you, command me to come to you on the water (Matthew 14:28). He himself said if all the disciples fall away from Jesus, he would never fall away. He said even if I have to die with you, I will never deny you (Matthew 26:33-35). That was the extent of his love for Jesus. Yet he denied Jesus three times at the point of his death. He too was gripped with so much regret that he wept bitterly (Matthew 26:58-75). Thankfully Peter did not hang himself and Christ forgave him.

Two different people with shameful, painful regrets but with different endings. Griefs, sorrows, feeling of shame, painful regrets always hold people captive to the past. They stop people from moving forward and causing them to be stuck in the rut. If care is not taken, holding on to regrets can lead to suicidal thoughts, all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. And if these negative emotions are dealt with, surrendered to Jesus, we end up living free from emotional baggage, free from illnesses and diseases and we can enjoy the newness of life in Christ.

The Bible says that Christ bore our shame on the cross, so we no longer need to carry it on our shoulders anymore. Jesus was publicly shamed, beaten, whipped, spat upon, mocked and nailed to the cross for our sake. Christ said, come unto me all you are heavy laden and I will give you rest. You no longer need to carry that shame, sorrow or mistakes of the past. You can give it to Jesus and he will take it off you and give you rest.

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Make a declaration of faith

I declare my freedom from regrets, guilt and shame. Because Christ already bare my guilt and shame and he carried away my sorrow, I will no longer be put to shame.

I surrender all feelings of guilt, shame, blame, disappointment and regrets to Jesus. I am no longer willing to hold on to these things because Christ already nailed them with him on the cross. I am henceforth delivered from these negative emotions and I live in freedom through Christ my deliverer.

I give up every painful regret to Jesus and I receive my rest from him. Today I am free from all guilt and shame as I look up to Jesus the author and the finisher of my faith.


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