Tag: Prayer of Commitment to Jesus

Prayer of Commitment to Jesus

Lord Jesus help me to grow in the awareness that you are really my sustenance and nobody else
Help me to continuously increase in the recognition that only you can make me become somebody in life
Help me to rest in your strength as I realise that I am weak in my flesh
I pray that I may be solely and wholly committed to my walk with you all the days of my life
I pray that I may be wholly contented with my life with you for the rest of my life
I pray that I may not turn away from the path of righteousness for your namesake
I pray that the devil will not have a chance to shift me from the kingdom of our heavenly father
I pray that my reliance in you may grow deeper today and that my assurance in you may grow wider
I pray that my faith in you may grow stronger and my zeal for you may grow bigger
I pray that I may continue to rely on your wisdom and I will no longer lean on my own understanding
I pray that I may yield to your instructions at all times and make you first in all that I do
Grant me the grace, the power and the strength to do the Father’s will for the rest of my life
I pray in Jesus name.