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30 Scriptural Declarations to Speak Over Yourself

Declaration of Faith: Christ, Himself is my peace. He has broken every barrier and he has removed dividing walls between me and his peace for me (Ephesians 2:14 NAS). Henceforth I will live in peace and I will be at peace with all men.

There’s a really good reason why we speak the word of God over ourselves. It’s because scriptural declaration helps us to connect with God’s promises for our lives. They remind us of what God has said about a particular situation in the Bible and they enable us to connect with the power in the word to solve any problem. The more we speak out loud these biblical declarations the more confident we become in God’s plans for our lives, and the more we declare the words the more they help us to memorise scriptures and align us with God’s will for our lives. Speaking the word over ourselves helps to refocus our minds on things that really matter to God and it releases God’s blessings over our lives.