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3 Things God Will Use to Test You in Life.

In life, you will go through trials and tribulations that will test your faith in God. If Abraham the father of faith was tested, you will most likely be tested. If you haven’t already gone through it, be expectant, your test is on the way! You will be tested for your faith in God. You will be tested for your obedience to God. Intentions of your heart will always be tested by the Lord. God will test you on so many things in order to help you get right with Him.

Those tests are not meant to cause you any harm but they are meant to stretch you, renew your mind, refine you and cause you to grow in your Christian faith. Your tests are meant to be your testimonies when you pass them. But when you fail your tests, you will repeat the class. Everybody who is born of water and the blood has to go through these tests at some point in their lives. Even the righteous get tested! It’s God’s way of pruning and preparing His children for greater things ahead (1 Peter 1:7). You can’t escape it.  So prepare yourself so that you are not caught unawares. Continue reading “3 Things God Will Use to Test You in Life.”