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Give Thanks to God for Answered Prayers

It is good to give thanks to God for answered prayers. Give thanks to the Lord for the things he has done, for what he is doing and for what he is yet to do. Give thanks for he hears when you call on him in prayers and he responds to your requests according to his plans and purposes on earth. Give thanks to the most high for when things appear unreal on earth, this is when things are changing in the spirit realm. Give thanks for when life seem tough,  this is when the heavens are fighting your battles. Continue reading “Give Thanks to God for Answered Prayers”


Be Thankful for Painful Experiences

If not for that heart break you may not have met the right person today. If not for that failure you may not have known what it means to have success. If not for that defeat you may not have known what it means to win a battle. If not for that struggle you may not have known what it means to have it easy. If not for that break up you may not have known what it means to be standing on your own two feet today. If not for that traumatic experience you may not have known what it means to put yourself in other people’s shoes. If not for that character you may not have known what it means to guard your heart. If not for that rejection you may not have known what it feels like to be accepted. If not for hunger you may not have known what it means to be full. Continue reading “Be Thankful for Painful Experiences”

Heartfelt Thanksgiving to God

I am thankful to the Lord who has given me the grace to see yet another day. I will rejoice with thanksgiving in my heart and with songs of praises in my mouth to the God of my salvation. He has shown me his mercy and his goodness has carried me through these many years. This is the day the Lord has made provisions for my needs; the sun to shine on path and the moon to brighten my night. His breath in my lungs to keep me alive till he calls me home. My protector and my shelter he keeps from all trouble. He fights my battles and gives me victory above all others. Continue reading “Heartfelt Thanksgiving to God”

Praise The Lord for New Beginnings

Happy New Year. Congratulations! You made it into the New Year alive. Let every living soul declare a praise to the Lord. Give praise to the Lord. Proclaim his greatness, let the whole world know what he has done (Psalm 105:1). Many wished they would see and make it to the new year but they did not make it. You made it into the new year not because of your doing; you made it into the year 2017 not for your good deeds nor for your good look, you made it because the Lord God is gracious to you. He showers you with his mercies, he sustains and helps you in all your doings. What could have swallowed you up in the year 2016 only served as a conduit to a new you? Today you are alive, you are still standing and you can hope for a better tomorrow. Continue reading “Praise The Lord for New Beginnings”