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10 Daily Declarations to Help You Trust in God Completely

Is it possible to trust the saints we don’t know than the devil we do know? We cannot see God in the flesh yet we are encouraged to trust in Him completely. How possible can this be considering that we will have to relinquish all control to him when we cannot see him in the flesh. Isn’t it better to trust the devil you know than the saint you don’t know? You are probably struggling with these thoughts as most people, and it’s ok to feel this way because it is what makes us human. We will rather have a level of control to manoeuvre things in life than to relinquish all control to God. It’s just not in our nature and it’s not an easy thing to do at all. Sometimes it is easier to trust a man we can see than trust in the God we cannot see, and this is because we are able to hold a fellow human being accountable for their actions than to accuse God of wrongdoings when things goes wrong. We will rather have a human flesh to blame than hold God accountable.

But with God, holding him accountable for your demise would be futile. Who do you want to call to the table of judgement than the same God who is the judge of all? But God is trustworthy. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will never let you down when everybody deserts you. When nobody can see the logic reasoning behind those difficult moments, God is there holding your hands up telling you that all shall be well. Continue reading “10 Daily Declarations to Help You Trust in God Completely”