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7 Daily Declarations to Help You Trust in God Completely

Declaration of Faith: I declare my trust is in God’s perfect timing. I have not missed my windows of opportunities. Instead of a setback, God is setting me up for bigger things in life. He is working everything out for my good. I will fulfil my destiny. I will experience His favour and He will accomplish His perfect plan for my life. I am not afraid of the future because I have a God who holds my future in His hands. (Psalm 31:14, Psalm 56:3, Psalm 9:10).

It is very possible to struggle to trust God at some point in life. We will rather trust in the devil we know than trust int he saints we do not know, and this is because somewhere along the line, somebody or something has damaged our trust in people. We get hurt but we turn it against God questioning Him on why he allowed such a high to happen to us. But God is not to blame for our struggles and he is not the cause of our misfortunes with people, instead the enemy sows the seed of discord and causes the heartbreak.

We cannot see God in the flesh yet we are encouraged to trust in Him completely. How possible can this be considering that we will have to relinquish all control to him when we cannot see him in the flesh. Isn’t it better to trust the devil you know than the saint you don’t know? You are probably struggling with these thoughts as most people, and it’s ok to feel this way because it is what makes us human. We will rather have a level of control to manoeuvre things in life than to relinquish all control to God. It’s just not in our nature and it’s not an easy thing to do at all. Sometimes it is easier to trust a man we can see than trust in the God we cannot see, and this is because we are able to hold a fellow human being accountable for their actions than to accuse God of wrongdoings when things go wrong. We will rather have a human flesh to blame than hold God accountable.

But with God, holding him accountable for your demise would be futile. Who do you want to call to the table of judgement than the same God who is the judge of all? But God is trustworthy. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will never let you down when everybody deserts you. When nobody can see the logic reasoning behind those difficult moments, God is there holding your hands up telling you that all shall be well. Continue reading “7 Daily Declarations to Help You Trust in God Completely”

Trust In God

“Trust in God with all your heart and He will direct your path“(Proverbs 3:5-6).

It can take a lot for us human to trust in the Lord we do not see than to trust a man who we do see regularly. It’s simply easier to trust in someone who you have a relationship with than someone you don’t know, hardly see or hardly talk to. Unfortunately, the man we do see regularly betrays us and lets us down while the Lord we do not see is faithful at all times (2 Timothy 2:13). He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) and he will never disappoint us (Psalm 145:13).

A child does not have to worry about his protection from harm or fear for his own safety because he instinctively trust his parents to do it for him. He may not have any power of his own but he will rest in the power of his parents who knows best for him. The same narrative applies to the children of God. We ought to know and believe that we have a Father in heaven who exists and he will go to any length to protect us from all harm (Hebrews 11:6).

Our relationship with God gives us the privileges of protection, safety, comfort and much more from the Lord but our doubts wills top us from receiving anything from God.

When we relate with God at any point in life we are assured of God’s protection but most importantly, God’s comfort even when we do get hurt, this is called maturing in the spirit.

What matters to this child was the presence of his parent(s) looking after him, is available for him and are ready to do anything to protect the child. This baby couldn’t care less on whatever happened him because, his parents were there for him.

This trust in man who we see regularly can be a big issue for anyone who have been betrayed or let down in one way or the other.  But how about a trust in a God who we do not see? Some times we are like that baby on our Christian faith; we believe in God for simple little things and he does it for us but other times we find it difficult to trust him for bigger things. In fact we sometimes find it easier to trust in the world that we see than trusting in the God that we do not see.

A vision came to my mind as I attempted to write this post and it was that of a baby who has nothing to fear because his parents are there to watch over him.

Trust that He is working everything out in your favour and you will reap your reward. Trust his presence is in your life, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust in his ability, He is able to bring your dreams and desires to pass. Have you ever seen a child who does not trust his parents or a horserider who does not trust the horse he is riding? Hardly does this ever happen! Mutual trust usually exists between both parties. The child completely trusts his parents with unwavering faith and a horse does not allow a human to mount him unless he has gained the trust of the rider. Continue reading “Trust In God”