Rules of Biblical Declarations

Everything in life is guided by rules. If we break the rules guiding our citizenship in a country we will reap the consequences of our actions but if we obey the rules we will reap its benefits. This is because everything in life is guided by the rules that governs it. The same thing applies to when making declarations because there are rules that guides declarations and when we follow the rules of biblical declarations we reap its benefits but when we disobey the rules we only speak mere words that yields no results.If declarations must work in our situation we must first believe in God and that he is the only one who has the power to fulfil every promises (Joshua 21:45), grant all desires (Psalm 37:4), give victory in everyday life challenges and turn around all situations for the best. It may be easy to compose declarations tailored to your need but you do not possess the power to bring those declarations to pass in your life. Therefore, if you need the powerful God to make things happen for you then you must first and foremost believe in him

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Secondly, you must believe that the Bible is the true word of God and everything written in it is settled in heaven. Believe that the Bible is the absolute truth and it rules over everything on earth or in heaven because every knee must bow to the word of God (Philippians 2:10). Therefore when making a Bible declaration, you must agree with the word of God because you will be declaring the truth that is relevant to your situation.

Thirdly, your words must align with the Bible because when you speak you emphasize the truth in that the unseen world will align with the seen world and it will bow down to the word of God. You can create and generate a prophetic declaration significant to your situation when you FOLLOW these steps.

Rules o biblical declarations
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