15 I AM’s of Jesus Christ You Must Know

Who do you say that I am?, Jesus asked his disciples this question; “You are Christ (the Messiah), the son of the living God!” said Peter one of his disciples (Matthew 16:16). If you don’t already know Jesus, haven’t heard about him and have not had an encounter with him, Please allow me to introduce him to you through his own very words. Christians believe the words of Jesus is the truth and they give life. Through Jesus we receive forgiveness for our sins, we have new life, have access to God the father and are delivered from evil.

Jesus Christ is the lamb of God who took away the sins of the world (John 1:29) and no, he didn’t need to prove himself to anybody but it was important to him that his disciples understood him as a person, understood his mission on earth and his purpose for the world, hence the question. However, this “Who am I” question is inevitable for the human race. There’s always a time in a human life when you need some clarity about who you are, whose you are, clarity about your purpose in life or like Jesus, clarity on whether people understood him at all.

Who you really are as a Christian is really anchored in Christ and what better way to know yourself than to know your anchor for life, first and foremost? Let’s get to know Jesus Christ together through his I AM’s.

Now that you know a bit about the identity of Jesus Christ the Messiah of the world, would you want to have a relationship with him? All you need do is to confess your sins, as Jesus to be your Lord and savior and say Yes to a lifetime with Jesus. Would you say YES to Jesus today? If so, kindly take this poll and leave a message for your decision. Let me know if there’s any way I can be of help with getting started on your faith too. I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

Having read all these affirmative statements of Jesus Christ, what would be your response for an invite to join in the movement that could change your world for good? Would you speak faith declarations over yourself to build up your faith and defy all lies in the mind? Remember the more you speak the word the more you activate the faith in need to become who you really are in Christ – your real identity in God. Every Bible declaration you utter out loud over yourself positions you in a perfect alignment with God’s promises for your life.

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The I AM's of Jesus Christ
Hi, I’m Ayoola. I’m glad you’re on this journey with me! I’m here to encourage, equip and walk with you on your Christian journey to overcoming everyday life challenges. I’m inspired by the word of God and I’m here to inspire, motivate, pray with and pray for you through my coaching and mentoring sessions too. Let’s speak the word of God over ourselves and learn practical ways to change our world for the best together. Let’s be siblings in Christ. Connect with me. Send me a message and let’s walk this Christian journey together. Loving you with the love of Christ.

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