4 Reasons to Affirm your Identity in Christ

Declaration of faith: I am a child of God, a heir of God and co-heir with Christ in the father’s kingdom. I am the apple of God’s eyes. I am a friend of God and I know his business as a result of my relationship with his son, Jesus Christ. I am no longer a servant but I am God’s child and I am really loved. God has my name written in the palm of his hands and I am always in His thoughts. Even my very hair are numbered and God is working out his purposes for my life as he makes me relevant in his kingdom. (Romans 8:17, Zechariah 2:8, John 15:13-15, Isaiah 49:16, Luke 12:7)

Did you know that Jesus Christ began to affirm his identity to the world as early as at age twelve years old? He stayed back in Jerusalem after the feast of the passover and he boldly affirmed to his parents whose he belonged right in front of doctors in the temple. Jesus shifted a complaint of abandonment to a focus on his identity as he reminded Mary and Joseph that he was about his father’s (God) business (Luke 2:40-49).

Have you ever felt the need to defend or affirm your identity to anybody at any point in life? Jesus Christ who is our role model did not need to prove himself to anybody yet he repeatedly affirmed his identity to people publicly so that they could believe in the true God who sent his only begotten son to save the world (John 3:16). There are at least 15 I AM’s of Jesus recorded in the Bible that gives us different reasons we need to also affirm our identity in Christ. These 15 I AM’s of Jesus Christ reveals powerful names of God that we can call upon when faced with everyday life challenges.

I AM'S of Jesus Christ
15 I AM’s of Jesus Christ

If you, like me has ever been at crossroads in life when you ask yourself the question; who am I? you’ll know how crucial it is to speak words of affirmation in Christ over yourself and most especially when faced with everyday life challenges that threatens to steal, kill or destroy your life one way or another. It’s no wonder why the Google search engine returns over 10 billion search results on the question of who am I?

If the world is therefore, searching for answers on identity and finding some sort of answer through the google search engine but still not feeling fulfilled or satisfied with life then believers have added advantage in the world to search through the word of God for the truth about ourselves and to seek for true satisfaction that we need to live fulfilled in this world.

I am a child of God

There are several factors that contribute to this search of identity in the human race but there is only one way to find the true answer and it’s through the word. So if suffering from an identity crisis and searching for your true identity, I hope these reasons you need to affirm your identity in Christ will convict you for a lifetime spent with Christ.

Number 1: It reminds us of who we are and to whom we belong.

There is nothing as affirming as the words of a mother to her children. Her words are so powerful they ring bells in the ears of the children long after they’ve left home. I still remember my mother’s words to me as I left home for the higher institution as a teenager. She repeatedly told me to “remember the daughter of who you are”. It sounded like a warning at the time but in hindsight, it was a wise counsel that guided, grounded and protected me from going astray while away from home.

Affirming our identity in Christ does the same to us especially when feeling lost, confused or upset over anything. When we affirm whose we are out loud we are reminded of our father in heaven and his love for us. The fear of God is planted in our hearts and it guards us from going astray in the world. It also announces our identity to the world and it keeps us grounded in our faith in God. I believe that one of the reasons why there’s a long list on the genealogy of Jesus was recorded in the book of Matthew was to reveal the identity of Jesus from fourteen generations before his birth (Matthew 1:1-17).

I belong to God

Number 2: It makes us feel secure

There’s a general belief that most people who lost their fathers at a tender age often have daddy issues as a grown up. They feel insecure, suspicious and untrusting of people in their lives and therefore lack confidence in themselves. Thankfully the case is different for those who are in Christ, be it that your father is still alive or that he has gone to be with the Lord, your case is different. You are first and foremost a child of God before you are your daddy’s girl and nothing can change your position in God’s heart. So when feeling lost in the world, unsure of ourselves, feeling insecure or not trusting the people in our world, we can be rest assured of our security in God. Our heavenly Father loves his children and he will go to any length to make us feel secure. Therefore affirming his words over ourselves confirms God’s security over us and it seals us in his love for us.

Number 3: It aligns our thoughts to who God says we are

This world is full of lies and it can be difficult to separate truths from such lies. At times it’s because the world is busy and there are many voices speaking to our minds at the same time at all times. The more we listen to the noises, those unedifying and discouraging words, the more they sink into our minds and we start to believe them as the truth. When instead all we really need is the utmost truth found in the word of God. It tells us who God says we are and through it we can find our footing in the world. The more we affirm our identity in Christ through scriptural affirmations the faster we can chase away all lies embedded in our hearts and we can begin to embrace the truth that have been written for us in the Bible.

Number 4: It reminds us of our worth in the hands of God.

Have you ever read the story of Gomer? She was prophet Hosea’s promiscuous wife. She prostituted herself several times yet the Lord kept instructing the prophet to go and buy her back (Hosea 1). I believe God does the same thing for his children. He leaves the ninety-nine to look for the lost one because we are worth worth dying for, worth every insult hauled at Jesus, worth every stripes laid on him, worth the nails in his hands and the spears that hit his side, worth the crown of thorns on his head and every shame he suffered. We are worth much more than many sparrows and many rubies. We are worth the price he paid for us all. Everytime we affirm these identity in Christ over ourselves it seals our worth in Jesus.

Will you Pray with me before you go. Declarations must always be accompanied by a prayer, it’s the first rule of declarations.

Join me and let’s say the Lord’s prayer together.

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