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20 Biblical Declaration of Truths to Speak Over Yourself

20 Biblical Declaration of Truths to Speak Over Yourself, BLOG
“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

People will often tell you to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. They most likely mean well to you, but God has more for you than meets the eye. A child of God must always walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). Otherwise, you’ll settle for less than you deserve. Indeed, life will show you its true colours, and men will reject, criticise, humiliate or disgrace you. Still, accepting this statement as Truth in your life means taking the enemy’s lie and abandoning your Christian heritage for a life of mediocrity.  

You don’t need to accept what life throws at you. Instead, you can join the saints to boldly declare the biblical Truth over yourself. Saying, “One step at a time, God is lifting me“. “When men say there is a casting down”, say, “there is a lifting up” (Job 22:29). The Truth you know and speak over yourself will set you free for life (John 8:32). These words may seem reasonable. Still, they are not your reality which is in Christ Jesus. You could align yourself with your identity in Christ and see your situation change for good.

Even Jesus Christ had to speak the Truth against Satan’s lies to overcome temptation. Had he accepted to prove a point as the son of God by turning stones into bread or throwing himself down, He would have only boosted his ego and fallen out of God’s plans for his life. Instead, he knew there was too much at stake in God’s plan, and he spoke the Truth to overcome temptation. Then angels attended to him. Not even the riches and wealth of this world could tempt Jesus to bow down to Satan; salvation in God was at stake. 

No wonder Jesus told believers that whoever overcomes the world will be privileged to sit with Him on His throne in heaven (Revelation 3:21). He meant that it is not impossible to conquer life’s many mountains. It is very possible to prevail in life despite many trials, tribulations and temptations. You can conquer life’s many battles no matter how tough or compelling it seems. If Jesus Christ could overcome life’s many challenges with the Truth, you too can live life and crush its mountains with God’s help.

You have read that The Almighty God reset the earth in darkness by declaring His Word over it; that revelation should give you joy in your heart. It means you don’t have to succumb to life’s endless beating anymore. You can fight back by speaking the Word of God over that situation, and you will overcome life’s many battles. Alas! We are living in a whole new world full of light with beautiful creations residing in it (Genesis 1) because God decided to change things around. You, too, can change your life with the Truth.

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The three Hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, are good examples of not settling for less. They spoke Truth to power, and God used their experience to revolutionise an entire nation. They knew their God was mightier, more powerful than King Ahasuerus’s God, and he would save them from any destruction. They refused to serve another god, and their act brought revival to a whole nation (Daniel 3:17-18). The Bible says that those who know their God will do exploit (Daniel 11:32). Those who know their God will speak truths to power and have victory in life.

You don’t have to accept life’s dealings and settle for less than you deserve. You have to forbid(disagree with) whatever you are not happy or content with on earth, and heaven will do it for you. Also, permit (allow) whatever you want to come to you, and heaven will enable it (Matthew 18:18). Joel Osteen once shared how his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she refused to accept sickness into her body. She spoke the Word and declared truths over herself until she received her complete healing.

The Bible says that whatever you forbid on earth will be prohibited in heaven. Whatever you permit on earth will be allowed in heaven (Matthew 18:18). An immense power activates victory and miracles when you speak Truths over yourself. God watches over His Word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12). His Words do not return to Him empty without accomplishing whatever He sends them to do (Isaiah 55:11). If He says you are blessed, those words will surely come to reality in your life for as long as you claim it. Henceforth, choose to accept the Truth, debunk those lies of the enemy about you and change your world for the best.

Now Let’s get to Speaking Truths Over Yourself

20 Declaration of Truths to Speak Over Yourself and Change Your Life for Good.

Remember, you don’t have to accept the lemons of life. You can reject it and plug it into God’s plan for your life. You speak over yourself will eventually come to pass in your life. Over a while, the more Truth you declare over your life, the more root it takes in your heart, and it creates a belief system that begins to form your attitude to life. Before you know it, you make a whole new world for yourself. So say it, pray it today; change your world for the best. Your future depends on it.

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