I am Declarations

Biblical Declarations to Affirm Your Identity in Christ

Declaration of faith: I am who God says I am. I am the child of a great King. I am privileged to be one with God. God approves me for greatness and I will become great who He says I will be. I will no longer live a life of mediocrity but I will work hard, be diligent and stay focused on my God-given assignment on earth and I will soar high like the eagles.

Ever been through a period of mistaken identity in your life where people misjudge and make assumptions about you, but you know that’s not who you really are? This is precisely what happens when we fail to let the world know our real self. If Jesus could declare his identity at least fifteen times in the Bible from as little as at age twelve, then we ought to follow in his footsteps and start to proclaim the truth about ourselves to the world. We have the authority to change the narrative of our lives. We can accept the truth about our true identity in Christ, and start to live as one in alignment with God’s word about us.

The prodigal son did not realise his identity through his father until he made a mistake that landed him in trouble. Thankfully he came back to his senses, made restitution and he was fully restored. He received forgiveness from his father, his privileges as a son was restored and he was fully restored into his father’s family (Luke 15:11-32). Likewise, we are fully God’s children if we believe and accept that we are. No matter what our feelings say to us, God’s thoughts about his children never change. He said we are His children (John 1:12). His words are the same yesterday, today and forever. We are forever God’s children and we have privileged access to our heavenly Father. These words are our real identity in God and they’ll never change.

When we receive these words into our lives we are saying to God that we believe in his word and we are in agreement with his plans for our lives. Speaking out loud these declarations over ourselves will not only remind us of God’s ever-present never-ending love to us daily but it will also help us to be grounded in our true identity in God. They will bring our minds back to who truly matters in life and also build up our faith in God as we so need.

These Biblical declarations are like your daily dose of vitamins you need to stay healthy. You can’t do without them and they require your daily commitment in order for them to work. These declarations are the same. They require nothing but your daily commitment in order to shift our focus from distractions in this world, set our minds on God’s word and speak over ourselves what God says about us so that we can achieve all the things our heart ever so desires. A failure to affirm our identity regularly is really setting ourselves up for the world to label us with names that God has not called us. Let us, therefore, have moments with Christ when we regularly speak the following declarations over ourselves daily. Together we can change our world for good.

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Pray with me
Hi, I’m Ayoola! I’m glad you’re on this journey with me! I’m here to encourage, equip and walk with you on your Christian journey to overcoming everyday life challenges. I’m inspired by the word of God and I’m here to inspire, motivate, pray with and pray for you through my coaching and mentoring sessions too. Let’s speak the word of God over ourselves and learn practical ways to change our world for the best together. Let’s be siblings in Christ. Connect with me. Send me a message and let’s walk this Christian journey together. Loving you with the love of Christ.

Speak the Word and Change your World for Good.

I am who God says I am and God says I am His beloved.
God says I am His choice out of a million others for a specific reason.
God says I am chosen specifically for a purpose and He will fulfil that purpose in my life.
God says I am greatly admired and His heart is full of compassion for me.
God says I am unique, I am one of a kind and I cannot be compared to anybody else.

God says that I am worthy to be a part of His kingdom.
God says that I am forgiven.
God says I belong to Him and that I am worthy to be called His child.
God says that I am part of His royal family and I carry a special anointing.
God says that I belong to Him and I have a special place in His heart.
God says that I am worthy of forgiveness and I am saved by His grace.

God says that I am gifted and I am talented.
He calls me the light of the world and I bring the right energy into my world.
He calls me the salt of the earth and I enhance the quality of lives around me.
He says I am the solution to the world’s problems and the world is waiting for me to manifest my glory.
God says that I am appointed as a priest to nations and many will hear the good news of Christ through me.
God says that I am anointed to perform wonders on earth. Through me the blind will see, the deaf will hear and the lame will walk, all to the glory of God.

God says I am the creation of His hands and He delights in me.
I am carefully crafted and creatively created.
I carry the breath of the living God and it gives me life daily.
God says I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
God says I am worthy of forgiveness and I am forgiven
God says His mercy is upon me.

God says I am courageous. He has given me the courage of a soldier and the boldness of a lion.
He says I am His warrior on earth and He backs me to win every war.
God says He is my helper and He strengthens me.
He says He is my shield and He is for me at all times.
When He looks at me, He says I am perfect in His eyes.

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