Daily Bible Declarations

Overcoming Life Crisis Temptations

5 Biblical Declarations to Speak to Overcome Temptations.


One of the best ways to overcome temptations is through prayer and declarations of your faith in God. It’s no wonder Jesus taught his disciples to bring it before God in prayer. It was one of the prayer points in the Lord’s prayer because Jesus knew that nobody can escape temptations and that everybody need deliverance from it. It may be a part of life’s pressures to dissuade you away from the truth, compel you to believe a lie and force you to compromise yourself, you are a child of God and must fight it.

It will come when you least expect it, so always remember the areas of temptations for Jesus Christ in the wilderness. The devil will most likely strike again in those areas. First, it was food when he was hungry. Pay attention to how you behave around food especially you’ve been fasting. Then he tempted Jesus with power, in the area of his ego as a son of God. The devil knew Jesus was a powerful man and decides to fan that ego. Thankfully,  Jesus caught him quite early and he failed in that area for Jesus. Therefore, be careful when in a position of influence. Do not allow the authority confers on you control your attitude. Finally, Satan tested Jesus with the wealth of the world. So be aware of these areas in your life as temptation is not far away from these things.

Also, remember that David was tempted with sexual lust during his leisure time. Eve was tempted with getting wisdom in the garden of Eden. Joseph was tempted while in prison  and Judas Iscariot was tempted with money in ministry. The devil will always find a way to tempt you. You cannot escape it. Therefore be alert and prayerful. If Satan tempted Jesus Christ the Messiah, he will most likely tempt you his follower. The devil’s day and night job is to steal, to kill and to destroy, and his most targeted audience are Christians with purpose, destined children of God and anointed children of God.Therefore, be prayerful.

Now you know you are all these things; you are a destined child of God with a great destiny. You have been anointed by the most high to represent Him on earth and to do good for him in the world. And you have a purpose on earth to fulfil. So whether you are focused on  your God given assignment on earth working for the Lord or you are out and about just minding your own business, be aware that the devil is not far away from bringing temptations and trials your way. Be aware and be vigilant. Know that the devil will not leave any stone unturned. He knows how to attack the mind, body and the spirit, and he is always looking for someone to devour.

Number two things to do in order to over come the devil’s temptation is to recognise the subtle ways the devil introduces temptations. Somehow he knows what to tempt individuals with but the three major things he uses to distract Christians from being focused are, food, faith, luxurious things of the world. He tempts in the areas of lack, pride and power. The moment you find yourself attracted to food even though you are not hungry, you must know that the devil is trying to distract you with food. He might even come to tempt you in the area of lack. Jesus was hungry and the devil asked him to turn stones to bread. He might tempt you to do something silly in order to meet your need. The moment you find somebody is being rude to you and insulting, and you know you cannot handle it, know that the devil is tempting you in the area of pride and ego, you might find yourself thinking you are too superior to relate with with somebody because of your class, age or societal status then know that you are being fuelled with temptation in the area of power from the devil.

Number three things to do to overcome temptations from the devil is to speak the word of God into that situation. Speak the Word of God over your life. The Bible says that they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimony (Revelation 12:11). You can overcome temptations when you speak the word of God to that situation. When you stand in the Word to God you stand in the truth. When you speak the word of God you align yourself with God’s thoughts towards you. That’s what Jesus did. He spoke the word – “Man shall not live by bread alone”, “Thou shall not test the Lord your God”, “Get thee behind me Satan” (Matthew 4: 4-10), the devil ran away upon hearing the word and Jesus overcame temptations.

Number four things to do to overcome temptations is to be persistent in the way you are dealing with the issue. The devil will not come at you in one way and flee but he will not give up on tempting you either until you win or he wins. Temptation will keep coming until you rise up to it, fight it with tooth and nail and you overcome it. Jesus did not give up on speaking the word to counter the lies of the devil against Him, three times at different occassions, Jesus spoke the word over each temptation. Joseph did not give up resisting sexual temptation from his manager’s wife, he eventually ran away from it all when the pressure was too much to handle. Neither should you ever give up on the godly way you with which you are dealing with temptation. If it is the word you are speaking, speak it until the devil gets it that you are not bowing down to his whims and caprises. If it is resisting and running away that you have the capacity to do in fighting to overcome temptation, then be persistent in doing so until you finally overcome.

Number five things to do is to pray. Jesus encouraged his disciples in the book of Luke 22:40 to pray that they will not fall into temptation. If Jesus could say that to his disciples then, you can be rest assured he wants you to do the same now. When Jesus taught his disciples on how to pray, one of the prayer point in the Lord’s prayer was, “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” (Matthew 6:13). This means that Jesus is aware of the temptations out there and the need to not be led into it or to fall for it. So make it a daily prayer point, to not be led I to temptation and to be delivered from falling into it.

In whatever you are facing today, my prayer is that the Good Lord will strengthen you to face it and He will help you to overcome it. The following biblical declarations will help establish you in The truth found in the Word to God to overcome temptations.

Speak the Word of God Over Yourself today and Change Your World for Good.

Day 1

Today I declare victory over all manner of temptations. Since Jesus Christ already overcome the world for my sake, I declare that I am victorious over temptations.

Day 2

I declare today that I will be watchful and I will be prayerful and the Lord will make a way of escape for me from all temptations thrown at me.

Day 3

I declare that when my faith is being shaken by temptation, the spirit of the Lord will raise a standard and word of God will prevail in my life. I will overcome temptations with the word of God on my tongues.

Day 4

I declare that as a child of God, I am also led by the spirit of God, therefore today the Lord will direct my paths and it will not lead into temptation.

Day 5

I surrender all control to the Lord and the devil will not find a way to control or manipulate situations against me. My heart is set on my God-given assignment and the devil will not be able to distract me with the things of this world. Today I am delivered from all temptations of the evil one(Luke 22:40). This is my declarations.

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  1. katiekuipers
    July 20, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Thank you for sharing this! I appreciate that it is saturated with Biblical truth. I need to remember those declarations in my times of temptation.

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