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Overcome Low-Self Esteem


I have seen teenagers battling low self-esteem by trying so hard to become who they are not and I have seen adults pretend they can hold it together whilst dying from this low self-esteem plague. Men cover up with control, manipulation and outburst of anger because they feel inadequate yet unable to admit their weaknesses. Women sleep around because they lack a sense of self-worth. Young adults dress up like grown-ups just to feel accepted. Both male and female succumb to peer pressure just to feel some sense of belonging. This is what low self-esteem does to you; it holds its victims captive, clouds your judgement and fills up your heart with lies. Lies such as you are not worth it, it’s your fault that bad things happen to you, you can never amount to something good, you have to do something wrong before somebody can take notice of you and so on.

A friend once shared in a group meeting how she wished she was somebody else. She adored a lady whom she thinks has the voice of the angels better than her singing voice. She would go to any length to adjust her voice to sound like this other lady’s voice but it all went terribly wrong and she got frustrated with herself. One day God spoke to her about the issue. God explained to her that there is a reason why she sounds differently from this other lady, the anointing upon her life is different from the anointing upon this other lady’s life. She is called to a different people than this other lady. When she heard this truth directly from God, it set her free for life. She no longer aspired to be somebody else but she began to pursue God’s purpose for her life.

When you wish you were somebody else, you may be suffering from a low esteem. When a man can’t control his anger and he finds himself lashing out at a woman compulsively, this may be a sign of low self-esteem problem. When a woman sleeps around without thinking of its consequences, she may be acting out her low self-esteem. When you find yourself with feelings of inadequacy but instead of admitting your weaknesses you act it out in an unacceptable manner, this may be low self-esteem reaching out in an ugly way.

Low self-esteem often reveals itself in an ugly way. Only trained minds and experienced eyes can detect its symptoms quite quickly. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. People suffering from low self-esteem do not only speak what is often in their minds, but they also act it out in ugly ways unbeknown to them sometimes.

Should you be suffering from a low self-esteem or should you know somebody who may be suffering from this plague, the following biblical declarations of faith could be an anchor for anybody looking to overcome low self-esteem and regain their self-worth in Christ Jesus.

Make a Declaration of Faith with Me Today

I declare that the words I speak are spirit and life and through them I regain my self worth in Christ Jesus. I declare that I am a new creation in Christ. The old me has gone, the new me has come.

I no longer live for myself, I have a new purpose in life; to live for Christ and to know and share His love with others.

I declare that I overcome low self-esteem through Christ who strengthens my inner being.

I declare that low self-esteem will not overwhelm me for I put my faith in God who delivers me from its traps. I will no longer yield to its whims and caprices but I yield my body, my will and my intellect to God for his kingdom use. I will hope in God who is faithful to keep me from getting lower than I already am. I will put my trust in God and he will provide a way of escape out of this prison and set me free to regain my self-worth.

It does not matter what anybody say, God loves me and my soul knows this. God surrounds me with his love and low self-esteem has no room in my being. Hence, I am called a child of God. I am not a subject to low self-esteem. When low self-esteem sees me, it flees from me because I carry God’s love in me and it flows through me to others around me.

I come to Jesus and there is rest for my soul. Henceforth I no longer carry the heavy burdens of low self-esteem, its yokes are broken over me and I regain my self worth in Christ Jesus.

I belong to God and greater is God who is in me than low self-esteem that is in the world. I have victory over low self-esteem and I overcome this plague by the words of God, it shall not return to God void without fulfilling its promises in me. This is my declaration.

I praise you o God for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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