What are Biblical Declarations?

Anybody can declare a thing, but it will not yield any result because it is making a mere statement. Declarations state mere facts, such as governments announcing policies or lawmakers pronouncing judgments. In contrast, Biblical declarations speak into existence Words of truth and affirm God’s promises in the Bible to His children.

God never goes back on His Word, and His Word is His power. Therefore, speaking it aloud with a strong belief in Him helps you release your faith in God and aligns you to His will. Moreover, God always honours his words above His name (Psalm 138:2), and going back to Him with His words reminds Him to fulfil His promises to you.

Declarations and the Words

Therefore, God will fulfil his promises when you speak out loud His words into existence. He strengthens your faith and helps you manifest your desires. Whereas making declarations without scriptural backings is simply carrying out an effort in futility even if your will alone pushes you to realise your dreams to some extent.

Meanwhile, believers of Christ who imitate God in creating their world with the words can experience the fullness of God in a manifold. They will benefit from meditating on the Word of God, building up their faith in God, strengthening their relationship with God, and receiving answers to their requests. (Genesis 1).

Regardless of what the world repeatedly say about power being in the words you speak. Ultimately, the ability to bring into existence or manifest your dreams with your words only come from God and not you. It is God who gave you His breath. He allows you to become your heart desires and materialises those words (Genesis 2:7).

God and declarations

Thus, you can declare personal knowledge or claim positive affirmations that are personal to your situation. Still, they do not have the power to fulfil promises or the ability to activate the truth in your life. No human being can manifest things into existence or bring about the desired change if God does not empower you. Only God does.

You can speak positive affirmations as often as you want, but that’s just what they will be if you don’t believe and have faith in God to bless those words and bring them to pass in your life. They acknowledge positive statements without God, who is the power behind the words.

Biblical Declaration is, therefore, a power-filled word backed by the holy scripture. It strengthens the root of a belief in the Word of God, builds up your faith in God, reminds you of God’s promises to the children of God, and helps you to memorise scriptures. Whenever God’s children make declarations in line with God’s Word, His counsel over their lives come to pass. If you are in a partnership with God to do according to His will and His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13), God will always honour his Word to you.

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Therefore, can I encourage you to follow the rules governing it so declarations can work for you as you believe in the power of spoken words? You must believe in God first and foremost, believe that God’s Word is the absolute truth and nothing else can prevail it. You must believe in God’s son Jesus Christ because the fulfilment of all promises is through him. 

You must also be aware that any declaration without prayer is a bodily exercise that profits little. Therefore, every statement made in line with God’s thoughts, plans or purposes must be accompanied by a prayer. As you live in the truth found in God’s Word, let your faith be deeply rooted in Christ, who is “the way, the truth, and the life because no one can enter into eternity without Him (John 14:6). 

Will you pray the Salvation prayer with me right now if you don’t already live your life through Christ?

Pray with me

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